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Need Your Mobile Phone or Tablet Repaired?


Mobile phones have become more than just a way to call home over recent years. The technology and design that is applied to these gadgets often rivals that of a laptop and it becomes an extension of our web surfing, social networking and leisure activities that are generally associated with computers. Also adding to the mix are tablets, these portable computers have gone from being seen as a bit of a luxury item to being incredibly commonplace, especially with those who face long commutes.


Unfortunately with the increased usage and transportation comes the risk of damage or breakages. But fear not Microtech is able to help you in those desperate times. If it's a smashed screen, broken charging port or even a worn out battery just pop into our workshop and find out how we can help you!.


Before long you will be able to email, Facebook and watch a movie again, all whilst you are on the move.


• Damaged, cracked or smashed LCD screen Repairs
• Touch screen not responding Repair
• Software faults  Repairs
• Wireless Repair
• Speaker problems Repairs
• Microphone problems Repair
• Memory storage issues Repairs
• Damaged casing Repair
• Power and charging issues Repairs
• Power button faults Repair
• General button faults Repairs
• Camera issues Repair
• Bluetooth problems Repairs
• Water damage Repair
• Mobile phone unlocking

Mobile & Tablet Repair

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