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Security Policy

Microtech Computers Ltd is aware of the significance of security for any data you submit us online. Our top priority is protecting your information; thus, we have gone to great lengths to ensure that our online security measures protect it. This way, any data sent by our users cannot be read in the unlikely event of interception. Additionally, we have a privacy policy in place that outlines how we handle and retain the information you give. To access more information on our privacy policy, go here. (Add privacy policy Pages hyper link)

We anticipate that once you are aware of the precautions, we take to protect your privacy and ensure secure transactions, you will share our level of confidence in the security of your online transactions.


References in this Security Policy are made to:

  • We, Us, and Our are all references to Microtech Computers Ltd.

  • "Persons" should be understood to imply an individual, a body corporate, or an unincorporated entity.

  • You or your refers to the user of this site.  


1. Security measures 

1.1  We strongly encourage you to keep your password and username private.

1.2  It is solely your responsibility to make sure that your registered account is not used to gain unauthorized access to the service. Whether or whether you gave consent, you are solely responsible for all actions taken and expenses spent through your Registered Account.

1.3  We reserve the right to change your password and let you know if we feel there has been or is likely to be a security breach or misuse of the service.

1.4  You can update your registration information and password online.

1.5  Please utilize the online password reminder tool if you forget your password. Please contact our customer service department if you are/have been unable to effectively utilize this service. If you pass our security screenings, we will issue you with a new password.

1.6  You understand that we could be required by law to keep a record of all of your messages, materials, and activity logs for a certain amount of time, and that we might also be obligated to reveal information to the government, law enforcement officials, and other similar organizations.


2. How secure is your information?

We strive to keep your information secure. The following is how security is handled when you send data to Microtech Computers Ltd online:

2.1 The connection between your browser (such as Internet Explorer) and our server's secure side is made exclusively between you and the server.

2.2 We employ Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), a server-based encryption technology, to ensure the security of all protected data transported to and from our site. SSL scrambles the data as you enter personal information so that only you and Microtech Computers Ltd can access it (such as your password, address, and phone number, or credit card number). You can send us your credit card number without worrying about interception thanks to its security.

2.3 Data that we save on a computer system that is separate from the web server in order to complete your order is maintained there.

2.4 In Internet Explorer, look for an image of a locked padlock icon to confirm that you are purchasing in a secure environment. Any page where you enter personal data, such credit card information, will display this.

2.5 When it comes to the acquisition, preservation, and dissemination of personally identifiable customer information, we follow established procedures. Because of our security measures, we occasionally might need to see identification documentation before we can give you access to personal data.

2.6 Some of your personal information might need to be accessible to authorized third-party agents. For instance, if we need to transport something to you, we must give the courier your name and address. We only give third-party agents the data that is absolutely necessary for them to carry out the service or transaction that has been requested. Unless you have given us permission to do so, we will not disclose your personal information to third parties in any other way.


We understand that some customers might be hesitant to order anything online, and we would gladly handle any issues you might have over the phone.


Please send an email to or send a letter to the following address if you have any comments, suggestions, worries, or questions about this security policy:

Microtech Computers Ltd



Greater Manchester.



Please don't forget to add your name, address, and phone number.

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